The house of ladosha is a collective exploration of the “house” philosophy popularized by ballroom culture. As a group of like-minded artists, they explore conceptual & social constructs and relate to them via their individual ethnic, racial, sexual and gender identities.

The house puts self expression via social media on the same level as more traditional mediums including photography, video, painting, music and performance.

The project will showcase a wide range of art from some members of the House of Ladosha including Cunty Crawford Ladosha (Adam Radakovich), Neon Christina Ladosha (Christopher Udemezue), Paws Off Ladosha (Riley Hooker), Magatha Ladosha (Michael Magnan), La Fem Ladosha (Antonio Blair), and YSL Ladosha (Yan Sze Li) with collaboration from house members like Juliana Huxtable.

January 15, 2016


33 34th Street, 6th Floor

Brooklyn, NY11232

La Fem

La’fem Ladosha is the next level of the character / superhero / supermodel Dosha. The evolution of Dosha coming into her cunt. I compare it to going through puberty and developing breasts or coming into coin and buying them. BREASTS SO SOFT! BODY SO TIGHT! AND THE POSE IS CUNT. The ultimate goal is FEM QUEEN LEGENDARY PERFORMANCE.


Appalachian born and bred. Raised in this city that never sleeps. Pumpin’ and strutin’ these Brooklyn streets. The Amazonian gentle giantess. Never bothered, never pressed.

Neon Christina

I've been called a bitch but neva called a ho I gets plenty money and I'm always smokin dro, I'm down with everybody but the hatas they love ta hate so if you ain't talkin cash get the fuck out my face.


DJ, Artist, Daddy

Paz off

Paz Off Ladosha was raised in Argentina by an Austrian family who migrated to South America shortly before the end of WW2. She is an avid animal rights activist and since 2012 has vowed to communicate exclusively through the "universal language" of animal sounds in protest of the inhumane treatment of animals worldwide. In 2011 she was disqualified from the Ms. Argentina competition for a controversial exhibition of her knife-based acrobatic talents leading to the decapitation of another contestant. She is currently on house-arrest in Buenos Aires and hosts a wildly popular cooking show called "MEOW."


A secret bird of nature. A chameleon of sexualities. The gathering of murmured hums on an iridescent trail. A lingering gasp into the final dive.